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Thanks for visiting!  We have done our best explaining the different types of cars and trucks that exist.  From body styles to engine types, hopefully you find all the information you are seeking.  If you are looking for car brands, makes, and models, please check out carbrandshq.com.  



What is a Sedan? For many people, the term sedan summons images of a boxy four-door vehicle. This is because motorists usually describe cars that have four doors and two rows of seats as sedans. According to industry experts, this is not always true. The term sedan refers to a vehicle’s interior volume or space in accordance with standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). If the vehicle … Continue reading



When car enthusiasts think of a coupe, they usually visualize a car with aerodynamic styling, one or two rows of passenger seats and two doors. Coupe is a popular marketing term, but it is also a specific category of automobile. The body style, number of doors or rows of seats does not determine whether a car is classified as a coupe. The descriptor “coupe” is assigned to vehicles whose interior … Continue reading

Station Wagon


The term station wagon traces the lineage of its name to the vehicles used to transport luggage from the train depot to the manor house. Often made with wooden sides, these vehicles also came to be called “woodies.” Later models used faux wood side panels to pay homage to this classic moniker. These vehicles became an iconic symbol of the post-war baby boom. Today, a station wagon is a car … Continue reading



A hybrid is a vehicle that derives its power from two sources. These power sources are typically a combination of a bank of batteries and a gasoline engine. Recent technological advancements have led to the introduction of diesel hybrids vehicles. Automakers can make hybrids of any model of vehicle, including cars, trucks and SUVs. The concept for most hybrids is similar. The engine charges the batteries and provides power under … Continue reading



What is a roadster? If you are going to drop the top and cruise a scenic highway, you need to be behind the controls of a high performance roadster. “Speedster” and “roadster” are similar terms used to describe a two-door, two-seat car without a fixed top or side weather protection. This open-air vehicle usually has only one row of seats with a luggage compartment in the rear that may or … Continue reading



What is a minivan? Minivans are the ubiquitous symbol of the American suburban soccer mom. This versatile automobile is the latest and most successful reiteration of the personal van. It provides substantial cargo space and passenger-carrying capacity. Outside the United States, these vehicles are called multipurpose vehicles or people carriers. Minivans are front-wheel drive vehicles that are typically 65 inches in height and slightly longer than the standard four-door family … Continue reading



The design concept behind the sport utility vehicle (SUV) was to combine the power and towing capability of a full-size truck with the passenger and cargo capacity of a minivan. As a result, the original models of SUVs were large, powerful machines. With today’s interest in fuel economy, there are numerous scaled down and hybrid versions available. SUVs were typically equipped with a four-wheel drive capability to handle off-road terrain, … Continue reading



Most vehicles fit into one category. A crossover combines the characteristics of two or more vehicle classifications in one automobile. Crossover is more often than not a descriptor applied to a small sport utility vehicle (SUV). Original SUV designs were based on a truck chassis. Newer scaled-down models are built on car frames. This enables SUVs to have the handling characteristics of a car as opposed to a truck. This … Continue reading



Convertibles are simply cars without roofs. They can be referred to as “ragtops” because of the vehicle’s fabric-covered retractable roof. The car has side windows that you can raise along with the roof to create a weather-proof vehicle interior. A convertible has side windows with a roll up and down design. This characteristic differentiates a convertible from an open-air roadster. A convertible roof is attached to an articulated frame that … Continue reading